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Error in MS Exchange Server 'JET_errKeyDuplicate Illegal duplicate key'

15th August 2008
Eseuti/ P is the inbuilt utility which is used to solve some of the database corruption problems. The Exchange recovery is made possible through the database checking and repairing critical structures inside the database (such as system tables, attachment... Read >
Author: Jerry Tim

Troubleshooting Error 1018 in Exchange Server

29th July 2008
Similar to other software, occurrence of the error messages is not an exception in the Exchange Server. Few of them are indicative of the database corruption while few of them just show a mere malfunction, fixable through the simple procedures. But those ... Read >
Author: Peter Paul

iPhone Data Recovery: the disaster recovery is possible

22nd July 2008
Apple Inc. combines tablet PC, cellular Phone, iPod and Digital Camera to give world a new innovative discovery as iPhone. iPhone basically a multimedia internet-enabled mobile phone developed and marketed by Apple Inc. iPhone contains some more features ... Read >
Author: JuliaJolie

The Office Open XML file Building Blocks.dotx cannot be opened’ Error in MS Word

21st July 2008
For the contents which are used frequently in the documents, Word 2007 allowsyou to add them through building blocks. A building block gallery refers to the collection of the building blocks of the same type and from the predefined galleries; you can give... Read >
Author: spears

Cannot Expand the Folder Error in Outlook 2007

18th July 2008
Outlook 2007 is the latest version of Microsoft Office Outlook. It has severaladded features along with the comprehensive features of its earlier versions. But sometimes, when you try to run Outlook 2007, it can create problems and you may get the followi... Read >
Author: Simpson

“The System Cannot Find the Path Specified” Error in Exchange Server

07th July 2008
When you use Disk part to expand a clustered volume on Microsoft Exchange Server that is running the cluster service and then move the expanded volume to another node in the group, you won't be able to access EDB file stored on it. When you try to access ... Read >
Author: Andrew Watson

Can’t Open This Item Error in Outlook

21st May 2008
Sometimes when you try to access a pst file or folder from your Outlook account, instead of opening the folder, it shows an error message. The error message is stated as follows:"Can't open this item, the object could not be found"After this error message... Read >
Author: Andrew Watson

Error Accessing Boot Sector File

01st May 2008
Boot sector files are responsible for tracing and keeping all the information during boot and if these files get corrupt, lost or damaged, then many problems may arise. You may encounter the following message when you attempt to boot your Windows supporte... Read >
Author: Mark Robin

Can’t Open the File- Error Message in Zip File

03rd April 2008
After downloading a ZIP file, when you try to extract it, the file may fail to extract. And instead of opening the file, you may get an error message showing:"Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try dow... Read >
Author: Andrew Watson

MSysACEs Corruption Error in Access

02nd April 2008
When you try to open an existing Microsoft Access database, you may get the following error message:"The Microsoft Jet Database engine could not find the object 'MSysACEs'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and path name correctly." ... Read >
Author: Peter Paul

Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close error and data recover

28th March 2008
When you try to open and existing or to create a new Microsoft Access Database, it may quit unexpectedly. Furthermore you may get an error message showing that:"Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenie... Read >
Author: Andrew Watson

How to recover missing or lost Windows Partition?

07th February 2007
How to recover missing or lost Windows Partition?Following your daily routine you switch "ON" your computer and logged and started your email organizer with a cup of coffee in your hand. Blast! what happened your shortcuts on the desktop is giving error m... Read >
Author: Park Oskar
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