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Winter Carp Fishing And Bait Secrets To Help You Avoid Blank Sessions and Catch More Fish!

31st October 2012
In autumn, winter and spring especially, you need to be far more adaptive in your thinking and methods if you are to avoid blank sessions! Here are some personally proven tips, insights and experiences of special big carp captures, which will empower you ... Read >
Author: Tim F. Richardson

Antalya retirement plan

09th February 2012
I'm John Francis, 75 a retired engineer from Ohio. When it comes to retirement Iím a little bit in denial. Iím looking for two main things in my life, sunshine and lucrative financial opportunities. I think I have found both of these in Turkey. I first... Read >
Author: Mary_in_Antalya

Crappie Live Bait: A113 Catch Crappies During Aquatic Nymphs Hatch! And Very Small Mayfly Nymphs!

12th January 2010
ARTICLE 113 Crappies and the mayfly connection a must read! In lakes that have populations of crappie and where there is a annual mayfly hatch a connection between the mayfly and the crappie is made every year. Crappie will gorge themselves full wit... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

Shimano Stella Reel Upgrades

10th September 2009
The fishing reel is perhaps the most important part of fishing tackle in a reel and rod system. The effectiveness of the tackle depends on the strength and smoothness of the reel and its ability to run freely without snags. A fishing reel essentially cons... Read >
Author: Julia Mattress

Walleye Fishing Rods: Walleye Fishing Tackle Details Here!

01st June 2009
Walleye Rods: Your Fishing Technique Will Choose Your Rod You need to understand your personal walleye fishing technique when you select your walleye tackle,particularly your walleye rods. Anglers who regularly use several walleye techniques during a d... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

The Crappie Minnow school: How To Make Live minnow Setups

15th April 2009
Old School Crappie Fishing Family Secrets Crappie Minnow Setups Crappie are a very curious species of fish and they love to attack schools of minnows to satisfy their amazing live bait appetite. The following minnow rig is designed to imitate a small ... Read >
Author: Mark Fleagle

Hardy Rods and Reels-- A History Of Hardy Bros Tackle Makers

11th September 2008
The House of hardy has been known as one of the worlds greatest tackle makers for over a century. Quality and excellence are their trade mark. They are recognised everywhere as one of the worlds greatest makers of fine fishing tackle. William Hardy and... Read >
Author: jmowatt
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