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How To Spike A Volleyball Correctly: First Learn These Terms

18th June 2010
Hitting a volleyball is the most fun part of the game. In this article I explain several hitting terms like tool, wipe, down ball and free ball. tool - "Tool" the block is another way of saying "use the block" which happens when a hitter aims the ball... Read >
Author: volleyballvoices

Two Little Dogs to Love The Pug or Pomeranian

04th June 2010
When two breeds are in the same group, one usually expects them to be quite similar. The Pug and the Pomeranian defy this logic. Both breeds are in the Toy Group and they couldn't be more different. The Pug originated from the East, the Pomeranian is of G... Read >
Author: Katrina Wagner

Firm Up Your Flabby Arms In Just Minutes A Day

29th September 2009
You can firm up your flabby arms in just minutes a day. Obtaining firm arms may very well seem like a distant dream right now. But just 3 minutes a day to firm up your flabby arms is possible. There are a lot of different ways to obtain firm arms. Did you... Read >
Author: William Onedge

Demanding Celebrities

30th October 2008
The typical modern-day celebrity has gone from rags to riches and risen out of obscurity. Many of our most-treasured celebrities have fairly standard, working class backgrounds and are keen to project an 'I'm just like you' image to the masses. Now,... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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