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Famous Events in Spain

23rd September 2011
San ferminOne of Spain's most popular events is the San Fermin. In the old days, Sain Fermin was dragged by the bulls along the streets of Pampola. This event starts on the noon of July 6 and ends on the 14th of July. It usually starts off with a rocket l... Read >
Author: Sophia Jung

Christians Celebrate on Easter, Have Fun on Easter Sunday

08th April 2011
Easter day, which generally falls in between March 22 to April 25 of every year? It is usually falls on Sunday and for that reason it is popularly known as Easter Sunday. There are lots of funs activities are done on this special day. Both religious and n... Read >
Author: Dharmaraj Kumar

Easter Sunday Etiquette & Tips

13th March 2009
When is Easter 2009?Easter Sunday is April 12, 2009.What is the meaning behind Easter?Easter is an annual feast acknowledged by the Christian religion, celebrating the resurrection of ChristWhat is the meaning behind the "Easter Egg"?The egg is a symbol o... Read >
Author: chrisgyle

Country Chickens Novelty Tea Cosy and Egg Cosy Knitting Pattern

05th June 2007
An unusual novelty tea cosy and egg cosy featuring small stuffed chickens. These cosies would fit right into a country cottage kitchen with the free-range hens roaming around the top. Ideal for keeping the teapot and boiled eggs warm too, children really ... Read >
Author: S.Roberts
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