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Fifth Energy Efficiency Labeling Product catalog released energy into the hot spot - rice cookers, e

05th August 2010
2015 40 energy-efficiency labeling will cover products Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission, AQSIQ, CNCA jointly issued the fifth energy efficiency labeling product catalog, since March 1, 2010, the rice cooker, Fan , AC contactors ... Read >
Author: pneumatic

Intelligent home appliances small home appliances more intelligent fun - electric pressure cooker, m

08th July 2010
"You only need to go to work before Electric pressure cooker Of Panel Set a good, waiting for you a home, you can eat tasty rice was. "" Whether steamed, boiled or fried, fried, roasted and other functions, as long as the dishes in the kitchen with o... Read >
Author: hasxls@gmail.com
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