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ITBP Dog Wing Earns its Stripes

12th April 2013
The Dog Training Wing of the force has seen an exponential growth due to the rapidly changing security scenario and implementation of new strategies to combat the challenges facing the nation. Dogs have been employed effectively as a force multiplier by s... Read >
Author: sudhakar natarajan

Georgian Interior Design for Your Home

29th October 2012
Georgian architecture and interior decoration are enduring design and style favourites for many people. The Georgian period is named after the eponymous kings of the era, starting with George Iís ascendency in 1714 and ending with George IV in 1830, howev... Read >
Author: izzymw12

Driving Impact to General Insurers:Efficiencies in the Claims Process and Reduced Fraud Leakage

10th January 2012
The Current Scenario General insurers today face the mammoth task of generating returns, while at the same time securing the faith of their investors. It is important that insurance companies look at reducing needless spend on claims (otherwise known as... Read >
Author: WNSGlobalServices

Finding the Best Pet Friendly Hotel in Chennai City

04th January 2012
For all those animal lovers who love their pet like a member of the family, if you are taking a tour to the wonderful city of Chennai, you need not worry about leaving your loving pet back at home, all alone. Chennai homes a wide range of Hotels which wil... Read >
Author: Rajive

How To Win My Ex Boyfriend Back If He Does Not Answer My Phone Call

18th May 2009
How to win my ex boyfriend back if he is ignoring me? What if I am the only one trying to get back together? What if he is not answering my phone call? Well, winning your ex boyfriend back can seem like a mammoth task, considering that there are so man... Read >
Author: jason bb
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