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Domain Extensions and Their Importance

05th January 2012
Your Selected Domain Extension is Very Important Give consideration to obtaining multiple extensions, as well as several spellings, of your domain name. This would secure your online brand and protect your website name. You can then set up redirects on... Read >
Author: SuneXtra

Domain Registrar to choose and register website domain name

03rd May 2011
If you own a website, then getting its domain name registered is the most important thing that you must take into account. Choosing a perfect domain name for the website is quite tough. Hence you will need the services of a domain registrar, an organisati... Read >
Author: manashosting

Hyphens In Domain Names

22nd March 2011
Using a hyphen (a dash) in a domain name is still a hotly debated topic and whether you should select a hyphenated domain really just depends on your specific situation.Much of the information available in relation to the hyphen issue is usually biased to... Read >
Author: Michael Bloch

How to read ISIN?

12th April 2009
ISIN code:BR AAA BBB CC The two first characters (BR) identify the contry code. The four characters (AAAA) are alphanumeric and identify the issuer. The three characters (BBB) are alpha-numeric and identify the type of the asset, and it may have an automa... Read >
Author: Vicky Advani
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