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How to Make Smoothies with Kids

17th April 2012
The first item you want to engage in when you are cooking in the kitchen is to be organized. I usually do a swift inspect to produce sure that all kitchen knives, scissers, or even everything sharp are entirely positioned apart outside of touch. Numerous ... Read >
Author: green baby green mama


03rd June 2010
The P90X Program, while wildly popular (at least in the hope that it promises those that are lured in during one of it's many showings on late night infomercials or now on QVC) is sadly leaving a large percentage of those that follow it in the proverbial ... Read >
Author: Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS

Making the best use of online coupon and discount programs

21st December 2009
With the holidays fast approaching, to save money, take advantage of the many online coupon, discount and cash back programs available on the Internet. We recently looked at a program called the Buyer's Edge Club (www.thebuyersedgeclub.com) to understand ... Read >
Author: ben1234

A Guide to ShopNBC

05th November 2009
ShopNBC is a very popular American cable and broadcast shopping network located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is owned by NASDAQ:VVTV (Value Vision Media) in which 37 percent are owned by NBC Universal. Value Vision is the first owner of the network. ... Read >
Author: Chet Lawrence

Allergic Reaction to Nickel Alloyed White Gold Jewelry

12th December 2006
White gold is routinely alloyed down with nickel. Nickel causes allergic reactions in a lot of people. It's probably showing up now, because your ring was plated in rhodium (the whitest member of the platinum family) when you bought it. This is normal, a... Read >
Author: Victor
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