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ITIL 2011 - Training Books, Coaching & Certifications Revisions

04th January 2012
ITIL V3 was introduced in 2007 in a blaze of publicity. It whipped up some serious deliberations (and disagreements) within the IT Service Management community worldwide. It required more than a year to then develop over to a whole new ITIL coaching and ... Read >
Author: MattocG

Nicholas Carr embraces Cloud Computing in his Latest Publication

23rd August 2011
In the end, the best way to understand the import of cloud computing is through the disruptive innovation framework laid out by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen in his 1997 book The Innovatorís Dilemma. Drawing on a breadth of researc... Read >
Author: liza252

Mayan, Hopi, Bible, NASA... December 21, 2012 Doomsday Theory Exposed

12th June 2009
It is fantastic that many individuals don't believe that some major earth changing event on Dec 21 2012 will happen. Once I realized this, I selected to discover why so many folk failed to believe. It is my conclusion that many have experienced this so ca... Read >
Author: Lance Gallagher

What is a Bunionectomy?

13th May 2009
Why Get a Bunionectomy? If you have a painful bunion that is making it difficult for you to carry on normal functions in your life, you should address the problem. The first step will be to get a referral to visit a foot doctor, also called a podiatris... Read >
Author: vishuxpert

Bunionectomy Success!

27th April 2009
Are you afraid to even talk to your doctor about bunion surgery? Many patients are very apprehensive about bunion surgery. They have heard horror stories of severe pain and bad outcomes. These are usually not true. Bunion surgery is actually quite success... Read >
Author: Dr. Marybeth Crane
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