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Cane corso puppies

07th March 2011
The Cane Corso is a catch dog used with cattle and swine, and also in wild boar hunts. It is also used by night watchmen, keepers, and, in the past, by carters. In the more distant past this breed was common all over Italy as an ample iconography and his... Read >
Author: syces

Wildlife Karnala,Maharashtra,india

19th January 2011
It has a protected wildlife park on the Konkan coast and it"��s tiny sanctuary, barely 4.8 sq km is home to over 150 resident bird species and about 37 types of avian migrants. The monsoons rouse a number of feathered musicians, amongst them... Read >
Author: laxmi singh

Popular Wildlife Tourism Destinations in India

14th December 2010
India is one of the most favored destinations for wildlife tourism. There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. Wildlife lovers can also visit hill stations, mountainous regions and backwater destinations to spot rare and endangered w... Read >
Author: Sanjeev Chauhan

Tracing the History of Oral Hygiene

11th September 2010
If you think that people in the past were too simple to think about oral hygiene, you are dead wrong. People of ages past have already been practicing dental care in fact, the best way to trace the history of oral hygiene is by breaking down the history... Read >
Author: PetarGenchev

Strong and Powerful Dog Names

28th August 2009
There are many dog breed that are strong, large, and powerful. They deserve good dog names that match the size and strength. Here are the pretty, cute, and good names that fit such an adorable pet and breed.The names that literally means strong are Balin,... Read >
Author: Dennis Estrada

The Wonderful Newmarket Town, County Cork, Ireland

30th July 2009
County Cork, Ireland must be one of the most beautiful parts of a fantastic country, and the small market town of Newmarket is one of its unique market towns. Newmarket - or, in the traditional Irish tongue, 'th Trasna - the crossing at the ford, is in... Read >
Author: Dermot Condell

Are Boxer Dogs Aggressive?

09th February 2009
You would imagine, looking at a Boxer, that they are a tough mean breed of dog that would be great for scaring (or even eating) the kids and anyone who happened to come within striking distance. Boxer Dogs have a stocky, powerful build with a mouth full o... Read >
Author: mattglad

India Tour Packages for some places with untouched beauty.

06th May 2008
India is a land of beauty, culture and years old tradition. It has been ruled by many dynasties; let it be the Mughals or Britishers. But the true Indian aura has been kept intact since centuries. But there are some states in India, which though do not ... Read >
Author: sophia

Dachshund - The Wiener Dog Breed Description

20th May 2006
Dachshunds originated in Germany and are known to have existed as far back as the 16th century. Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, wild boar and other types of small animals. In German, Dachs means badger and Hund means dog, showing the emphasis the br... Read >
Author: Josh Emsley
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