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Performance of Stocks versus Bonds and Cash

08th April 2010
Performance of Stocks versus Bonds and Cash This article examines graphically the long-term performance of the three major asset classes of stocks, bonds and cash. The results are truly enlightening and amazing! The results are based on U.S. data goin... Read >
Author: The 1000 Club

Factors to consider when constructing an asset allocation portfolio

17th March 2010
Asset allocation is an excellent way to build long term wealth from a highly diversified portfolio, and allows you to seek risk and return objectives at a reasonable cost. To use this diversification approach, it's beneficial to decide how to structure yo... Read >
Author: Samuel Pittman

Stock Trading Vs Commodity Trading-Where You Can Get A Better Return?

05th February 2010
Many investors feel afraid of investing in commodities. Commodities investing over the years has been seen as a risky asset class. Now, if we make a statistical comparison of commodities as an asset class with the other asset classes especially with stock... Read >
Author: Hass


12th January 2009
PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT. INTRODUCTION. (1).Definition . Asset allocation is the process of deciding how to distribute an investor's wealth among different countries and asset classes for investment purposes. This process will be guided by the investor's... Read >
Author: Randika Abeysingha
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