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Learn about the Chinchilla Dust Bath

11th November 2010
Chinchillas are originated in the South American mountains. As a result of their natural surroundings, these petite animals have had to adapt to the Andes Mountains and learn how to clean their pelt without the resources many other animals have. A chinchi... Read >
Author: Mohd

South America Physical Map

29th September 2010
South America physical map shows the location of this continent in the northern hemisphere. The continent has a total area of 17,840,000 square kilometers and is the fourth largest continent in terms of size. South America physical map shows the topograph... Read >
Author: Manoj

Reasons to Visit Chile

01st June 2009
Chile is a diverse country stretching from Peru all the way down to the southern most point of South America. It has amazing landscapes that will make anybody's mouth drop. Beaches all along the coast line, hot springs, and food makes this country worth v... Read >
Author: laqu9552a

Places of Interest in Quito, Ecuador

14th January 2009
The capital city of Ecuador is Quito - a beautiful place built high up with in the mountains. For those with a head for heights take the telefonica cable car up from the base of the Pinchincha volcano for fabulous views of the city. At 2,800m above sea le... Read >
Author: travelmatty
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