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All you wanted to know about fireworks fuse

06th August 2010
Fuses are used in fireworks, cannons, firearms, and many other forms of pyrotechnics. Also termed as pyrotechnic initiating device, a fuse is the part of the device that initiates the function of burning or lightning. Visco fuse is the simplest form of... Read >
Author: Steve Gamble

Cards Reading: Deepen Your Understanding of Your Personality Using the Cards of Destiny Science

16th August 2009
After you determine your Birth Card based on your birthday and identified your suit using the destiny card science, now we can talk about the numbers of each card, what is commonly called their 'face value.' The complete meaning of your card comes from a ... Read >
Author: John Arthur Morrison

Feed Your Skin Only the Best Dermalogica Special Cleansing

01st August 2009
Right now, more and more people are becoming more aware of what they are eating and the products they use. More and more people are becoming aware of the chemicals and synthetic products used on their food and skin care products. A lot of different produc... Read >
Author: Issac Knox

Chloe Paraty, New

30th March 2009
From magazines, web pages and TV, have you noticed a bag with a strikingly outstanding look growing on more and more celebrities? Yes, it is Paraty bag which is commented as the new "it" bag from Chloe. After the hot items Paddington and Bay bags, P... Read >
Author: Anna Millman

Dating Tips: Commitment - 5 Signs That He is Ready

26th November 2008
It's becoming ever more acceptable to be casual versus committing in a relationship. From swinging married couples, casual speed dating events, to 'friends with benefits', the word 'relationship' takes on a whole new meaning in modern times. With the ... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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