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An explanation of Reverse Engineering

26th October 2010
An explanation of Reverse EngineeringReverse Engineering is really a procedure which measure the technological factors of an item or program through analysis function, structure and operation. Ordinarily a little something will need to be deconstructed re... Read >
Author: Jared Kelly

What it Takes to Join the CIA

30th March 2009
There are more than "spy games" going on in the Central Intelligence Agency. A career in the CIA could have you doing any number of activities, and not everything will be about espionage and covert actions. The mission of the CIA is to provide foreign int... Read >
Author: Henley-Putnam University

Should You Take A Lie Detector Test?

04th April 2006
Is the standard lie detector test (also known as the polygraph) reliable? Should you be concerned about taking a polygraph test? Let's start with a true story. The FBI gives agent applicants a lie detector test before hiring them. After 9/11, their po... Read >
Author: Steve Gillman
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