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The Many Types Of Tools Used In The Metal Fabrication Industry

20th April 2011
Techniques used in metal fabrication have been taught and passed along for many generations of fabricators dating back to the first blacksmiths. As the years have gone by the methods used have evolved along with the tools used. As with the methods the too... Read >
Author: Ralph Banks

Information on Blacksmith Forge Plans

29th December 2008
The efficiency of a forge shop is, to a large extent, dictated by how well it is laid out. The movement of heavy metal, handling heated ingots, hammering and quenching are all heavy work, even with the latest equipment. A well laid out blacksmith's shop w... Read >
Author: Chris Comstock

Metals used in Blacksmithing

16th December 2008
The term blacksmith has an interesting origin. The "smith" part of it comes from the old English word "smite" which means to hit. So a "smith" is someone whose work involves hitting and pounding to produce a finished product. Depending on the type of meta... Read >
Author: Chris Comstock

Uchiha Sasuke's Sword of Kusanagi - Does It Really Exist?

17th October 2008
Uchiha Sasuke's sword made its debut in the popular manga Naruto Chapter 308 and the blade's name was highly debated among fans worldwide. In that chapter which was titled "Sasuke's Strength", Yamato Taichou tried to stop Uchiha Sasuke's sword with his ku... Read >
Author: Jason Liew
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