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Cytotoxic Drugs and CoSHH Law

13th December 2010
This article examines the use of cytotoxic drugs and the hazards associated when using them. It focuses on the precautions needing to be followed under CoSHH and will be of interest to those currently working in hospitals, oncology units and hospices etc.... Read >
Author: Dale Allen

Reduced Fixity Method in Masonry Panel Design

07th January 2010
When designing masonry panels with openings, the 'Reduced Fixity' method can be employed as one method of evaluating the bending moment capacity of a panel. Restrictions on usage: BS 5628 Pt1 Appendix D allows the design of a panel with a small openin... Read >
Author: Tommy White

Chord Symbols - What They Mean

11th August 2009
Frequently used as a form of notation, chord symbols are used primarily utilized in many forms of modern music and even some jazz styles. The main difference between these types of notation is that the chord symbols do not display the function of the chor... Read >
Author: Lauren Paltrow

Altruism in Primates and Humans

11th June 2009
There is a continously growing body of research which suggests that morality is an innate trait of human beings and our primate relatives. This fact is yet another blow to the concept of theism. No longer is god seen as the source of morals (in most cases... Read >
Author: Arizona Atheist
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