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Telecom Industry- the two leaders and their declining performance

10th February 2012
Telecommunication is a procedure of exchanging information by means of electronic devices. Today telecom industry is a very important and basic part of any country’s communication channel. In case of any problem in this industry, may have adverse impact o... Read >
Author: Akosha

Impact of mobile phones in the present era

05th January 2010
Every time your phone rings, are you compelled to receive the call irrespective of where you are? Do you keep looking at your handset, hoping to receive an SMS? Rest assured that you are bitten by the mobile phone bug. The excessive use of mobile phones a... Read >
Author: infibeam

Turkish telecom industry

03rd September 2006
Turkey's young population (23% of population is under 15) and rapidly modernizing economy (In 2005, growth was above 7%) has made it an enormous market for telecom services. The country is still following up the process of EU membership, and the stable ec... Read >
Author: Ekim Kaya
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