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Tips To Write Friendly Letters

11th May 2011
Letter writing is a vast section of English language. It is a form of art that can be mastered with practice and some knowledge about its basics. There are many types of letters that are classified according to their purposes. Friendly letters are the one... Read >
Author: Tamanna

What are the various advantages included in learning English writing skills?

06th January 2010
There are enormous amount of people just like you are trying to learn English for gaining several advantages. Though there are several countries where English is not used as their primary language, you will be getting a situation to write as well as speak... Read >
Author: Chris Cornell

There's No Shame in Being a Bad Speller/Poor Grammarian

01st April 2007
The following is the transcript of a recent voicemail I received from a client: "Hi, Laura. It's Elizabeth*. I really hope I caught you in time. You know that article I sent you to edit? Don't open it! I mean, I hope you didn't look at it yet. I just r... Read >
Author: phxazlaura
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