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Navigating the Micro-Cap World With OTCSHUB

06th December 2011
The world of micro-cap and small-cap stocks has long been considered a mysterious one by investors interested in these companies. Unlike blue-chip stocks with billions of dollars of market capitalization, these smaller companies do not tend to get the pub... Read >
Author: Samantha Dale

penny stocks wizard

03rd June 2011
Snapshot of a company's historical stock cost (on very first web page). You just drag the bar at the bottom of the chart to the left to see the historical chart. It is very straightforward and quick. You can also see proper on the chart some company activ... Read >
Author: Herschel Guthrie

361 listing on Hong Kong Ding family net worth rose 4.0 billion - Sheet Metal cabinet

05th July 2010
Prospectus shows the equity structure of the company after the listing, including the president, Wu Ding Ding family, including No. 3 together hold 1.095 billion shares, representing 54.75% of shares of listed companies. Only price, it's 361 degrees after... Read >
Author: cheop

Bond Spreads And Forex

05th January 2010
Interest rate changes are always keenly watched by the market analysts. Interest rate change by any Central Bank can have implications for many currency pairs. Especially in case of US, when FED decides to increase or decrease the interest rate, it has gl... Read >
Author: Hass
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