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How to remove password from iPod touch?

13th July 2010
My problem is that I forgotten the password of my Ipod, i have tried many times but unsuccessful. I dont have the original computer that I synced it with. How do I remove the password? How do I remove the password from my iPod touch? Or how do I recove... Read >
Author: buntymann

Resolving MySQL Error Code 145

04th June 2010
Each MyISAM table is stored in three files, namely .frm for table format, .myd for data, and .myi for table indexes. Corruption in these files is usually the result of system failure. When a MyISAM table doesn't close properly, it sometimes creates unavoi... Read >
Author: Advika Singh

Resolving InnoDB Error 'The tablespace free space info is corrupt'

11th May 2010
InnoDB is a MySQL storage engine and is considered more reliable over its counterparts for the main reason that it supports ACID transactions. InnoDB can recover from problems like unexpected shutdown by replaying the log files. But irrespective of these ... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

Unable to Restore or Update the iPod

21st January 2010
Sometimes your iPod may show you strange behavior and does not work properly. In such cases, you may need to restore it or update it to sort out the problem. Restoration method restores your iPod in previous working state and possibly fix the current prob... Read >
Author: Simpson

Selected Workbook Cannot be Opened

18th May 2009
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application with advanced functionalities and features. You can include graphs, pivot tables, charts, formulas etc. Excel is used in different fields like accounting, report generation and more. From Excel 97 to Excel 2003... Read >
Author: Addison Philip
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