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Best six Best Places to Come across Persian Rugs

24th October 2011
Persian rugs are items of art made painstakingly above several many years. And although you can possibly come across hand knotted rugs nearly anyplace, we're likely to examine the 6 very best destinations in the planet to find them.one. Persia: You'd feel... Read >
Author: AltonPatel

Fake or Genuine? Telling the Difference when Buying a Persian Rug

21st April 2011
What can be a bigger addition to any d├ęcor than hand woven oriental rugs? These are extremely durable, treasured and appealing rugs which can be well-known universally, they've got been all over for numerous decades and just never go out of style. Hav... Read >
Author: Alex Coy

Persian Rugs - Exquisite Artistic Expression

28th April 2010
Persian carpet is a symbol of artistic magnificence. Rugs of Persia are considered the finest and most exquisite. Globally, Persia is considered the epicentre of the carpet making craft. So famous are the Persian rugs that these are woven regardless of th... Read >
Author: Leslie Hecher
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