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Indian Med Guru Group has team of world class and Top Doctors in India in their network

26th September 2011
Indian Med Guru is a leading medical tourism consultant that offers the best doctors of the world in your health care journey. We represent Doctors with experience and knowledge of the latest cutting edge techniques and modern practices of medicine. While... Read >
Author: James Tony Ray

Best hospital for delivery in Bangalore

28th March 2011
While giving birth, it is obvious to getting worrisome about choosing your hospital. In India, normally the trend offers you to choose a good gynecologist and you in turn get a narrower choice of hospital. These hospitals are usually those where the docto... Read >
Author: anita prakash

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy-You Can Sleep Well During Pregnancy

28th June 2010
Any pregnant woman can tell you that there are so many changes and challenges they face during pregnancy. From how their body changes to the numerous discomforts they feel; being pregnant is no piece of cake. Women who want to get pregnant, for the most p... Read >
Author: Michael McGill

Repairing Fallopian Tubes through Reverse Tubal Ligation Surgery

10th March 2009
After having several children, many women feel that their lives are complete, so they decide not to have any more. For most women in this situation, that decision comes well before she is out of her child bearing years, so she'll have to look towards one ... Read >
Author: Sandra Wilson

Where Are These Top Class Las Vegas Physicians & Surgeons

07th July 2008
Finding the best doctors is not an easy task. It takes some research on our part. There are hundreds of Las Vegas Physicians & Surgeons practicing in each field available. Finding the best and reliable doctors who have specialization in the disease you re... Read >
Author: zander smith
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