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Karen Millen Jacket for you

20th September 2011
Karen Millen is a women's designer who created a clothing brand, that specializes in custom tailoring, jackets and coats and ladies casual and formal eveningwear. Now Karen Millen stores and boutiques are found throughout the Europe with UK and Ireland. K... Read >
Author: Freddie Franco

How do you start your own online handbag store

14th October 2010
From the primitive society to modern society, women dress up become more and more perfect. Only use two leaves or animal fur to warp important parts of the body from birth to died in primitive society. But in mordern society, women wear nobel clothes, pe... Read >
Author: Beck Beck

Role Of Women In Today's World

27th January 2010
Women of today are not women of yesterday-they are not just mothers and housewives but executives, Prime Ministers and Presidents of nations. They have attained the position they could not even think about few years back, still why should they get special... Read >
Author: John Goldman

Celebrate National Women's Day with Flowers

28th June 2009
National Women's Day is celebrated on the 9th of August in South Africa annually. It is a day when women are celebrated for everything they bring to their loved ones' lives and the rest of society. Women have taken on the world with strength, talent and c... Read >
Author: AlterSage

Mobile phones giving a new meaning to Java games!

25th April 2006
Mobile phones are being used for a number of purposes. People use them primarily to stay in contact with their friends and family, even when they are on the move. However, as of now, mobile phones are being used for more than just that! A number of soph... Read >
Author: britney spears
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