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Uses of CCTV

14th February 2012
Most CCTV systems record and store digital video and images to a Digital Video Recorder or in the case of IP cameras directly to a server, either on-site or offsite. Integrated systems allow users to connect remotely from the internet and view what their ... Read >
Author: Vikas Gupta

CCTV DVR Setup Checklist

29th November 2011
This is a quick list and reminder on the various steps and procedures to getting your surveillance DVR up and running. By going over these few steps you will ensure that you haven't forgot to configure any crucial components of your digital video recorde... Read >
Author: Christian M Gillman

BNC Connectors: What are they?

23rd February 2011
If you are installing a CCTV system there is a good chance you are using BNC connectors. BNC connectors are the most common connector types used to terminate RG59 coaxial cables prior to attaching them to your security cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recor... Read >
Author: mattstevens

CCTV in Kutch may Reduce Terrorist Attack Threat in Gujarat

15th February 2011
Gujarat has become prone to terrorist activities after the 2002 Gujarat riots. Cross border initiated terrorism rose extensively. Gujarat suffered major terrorist attacks like Akshardham temple attack, Ahmedabad serial bomb blast case, etc. Failed terror ... Read >
Author: CCTV Gujarat

Importance of CCTV cameras

07th January 2011
The need for closed circuit cameras, television has intensified in recent years. Today organizations are both business and homeowners to incorporate the use of cameras CCTV for the purpose of monitoring safety. Increased demand has given birth to a fu... Read >
Author: sheilawilsnn

Turn An IP Camera Into A Security Guard - Attach a Floodlight

07th January 2011
This writeup is the second in a series depicting how to convert a simple webcam, also known as an IP camera, into a total security and surveillance system. Add lightings, movement detectors, outside enclosures, wireless adapters and other electronic devic... Read >
Author: gatdula1908

Choosing the Right CCTV DVR

07th May 2010
The age of recording video images through VCRs is long gone. What we now have at our disposal are devices that exceed the features of the VCR technology by far. The fairly simple recording of video images has now evolved to systems that are equipped with ... Read >
Author: groshan fabiola

How to Choose a Security DVR

15th March 2010
Owners of both homes and businesses, if they're not tech-savvy, can face a tough challenge learning how to choose a security DVR (Digital Video Recorder). There are many confusing terms and specifications, although the best sources for security equipment ... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Where can I find AT&T Uverse Coupon Codes?

26th January 2010
All sorts of cable TV, satellite TV and telephone providers can give customers a variety of services including wireless telephone services and hundreds of high-definition and standard-definition television channels. A number of different companies offer s... Read >
Author: Karen Smith

Unfair Competition and Its Negative Effects to a Business

23rd July 2009
Unfair competition in business can result to economic injury which can amount to millions or even billions of dollars. To prevent such unlawful practice, the federal and state law imposes stricter penalties and higher fines for violators. According to ... Read >
Author: Mesriani Law Group

Hidden Spy Camera-The Cooler Cooler

19th January 2008
You see these types of coolers all over the place. Folks use them for sporting events, meal transport at schools and workplaces, et.al. I used to use mine for hauling items that needed refrigeration from Sam's Club. The point is people are used to seeing ... Read >
Author: Jack Krohn

DreamBox - All In One CCTV Solution

14th February 2006
DreamBox (DB) Short Description DreamBox (DB) is a real time synergetic multimedia surveillance system for homeland security and general CCTV use. DreamBox, with its built-in ETX Pentium and 11 DSP's, processes information such as video, audio and data. ... Read >
Author: Efrat Levi
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