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Electronic Document Management

17th August 2014
HR Departments are constantly looking to improve the quality and speed of access to information of Staff, and controlling the costs of the document management systems within departments is more vital than ever. An EDMS (Electronic Document Management Syst... Read >
Author: davidangola2

Best Practices Data Validation Services

02nd November 2012
Perhaps the most basic sense, the system works as filling in the blanks, while the current data indicate invalid Paisa changes or suggestions. What they know to rest, which is usually directed to an existing customer base is concentrated. From the per... Read >
Author: Roze

Making the paperless office a reality with document management systems

08th September 2010
The paperless office or paperless office software is not a new business objective, the advertising slogan which suggested that after the advent of computers in the office’s role would be unnecessary, was born in 1975, the year in which Business Week first... Read >
Author: kurtisleger

Document Scanning To The Rescue

12th May 2010
Document scanning and document management can effectively streamline any office environment; this process helps employees to work more efficiently, by easily accessing conveniently stored information. Document management saves space, time and more importa... Read >
Author: Mary

Web Document Viewer with a difference

01st February 2009
As a webmaster working for many of the news portals and content sites I had to look for an easy to use online document viewer. The problem with most of the available document viewers is that they won't support all of the popularly used content formats or ... Read >
Author: Mark sheridan
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