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Air Force Pararescue – “That Others May Live”

25th March 2011
There is more to the Air Force Pararescue team than just providing emergency medical treatment. These highly trained members of the Air Force evacuate the injured, act as aircrew gunners, provide various flight duties, and provide landing sites for NASA m... Read >
Author: Brian

Filipino Customs Of Wedding

24th November 2009
Wedding celebrations is one of the most important event for couples. This is the one event that they would tie them together as a married couple not only through the eyes of the public, but also in the eyes of the church and of god. Although wedding celeb... Read >
Author: Beverly Huffine

Jews and Christians are redeemed in the Quran

28th May 2006
Jews and Christians are redeemed in the Quran By Gabriel Sawma The Quran states the following: "wa alladhina yu'minuuna bima unzila ilayka, wama unzila min qablika, wa bi aakhirah hum yuqinun" Quran 2: 5. Muslim commentators render the following in... Read >
Author: Gabriel Sawma
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