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Custom Lapel Pins Are A Popular I.D., Marketing, Promotional Solution

07th December 2010
Custom lapel pins have long been used as a means of identification by members of many groups, including churches, fraternities and sororities, civic groups and many others. They have become even more popular in the last decade. Businesses now rely on cust... Read >
Author: douglaspins

Barriers Faced By the Developmentally Disabled

06th September 2010
With modern resources, proving employment for adults with developmental disabilities is a reality and can be an important part of a company's strategy. Individuals with developmental disabilities may have any of a numerous list of conditions. Such conditi... Read >
Author: tedsorto

Procedure for export of goods

22nd March 2006
When we decide to enter the export market we will have to do the following so that  we are in a position to export products without much difficulty. 1. We must open a current account in any one of the scheduled banks which deals in foreign exchange. ... Read >
Author: sowmya ramani
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