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API Drill Pipe Must Stand Up to Harsh Conditions

06th November 2012
A drill string, consisting of drill pipe and the drill stem closest to the bit assembly, is exposed to higher bending, tensile, and torque stress than standard pipe. API drill pipe must be flexible, and it is produced in longer segments than the drill ste... Read >
Author: arontanner6291

BOSIET Training (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training)

10th February 2012
Whenever you are going to be doing any kind of effort on an offshore asset, for instance a drill rig, production platform or FPSO, for companies in any country, you'll certainly be required to undertake specific offshore safety and emergency training. Not... Read >
Author: Ed Ripley

Bahrain's laws and regulations relating to oil and natural gas - T5 LED Tubes Manufacturer

22nd August 2011
First, the establishment of Bahrain National Oil and Gas Management Council No. 63 of 2005 Royal Order 2005 9 26, Hamad. This. Isa. Harry King of France issued Royal Order No. 63, the establishment of national oil and Natural gas Authority, as follows... Read >
Author: sbsdfb


18th January 2011
The recent enactment of the Nigeria oil and gas industry content development act has certainly opened up a lot of investment opportunity for local investors {Nigerians} in the oil and gas industry in the country . The "ACT" specifically imposes an obligat... Read >
Author: ikedike2002


18th January 2011
It is widely agreed that one of the most basic needs of man is shelter and in time past man has experienced with different material in order to meet with his housing needs. In modern day history, the use of cement along with sand and gravel as come to be ... Read >
Author: ikedike2002

Become An Oil And Gas Landman

18th November 2009
The oil and gas industry is going through a major transformation with prices rising daily it seems. With price decline being the trend for the last 20 years, no one has believed the oil and gas industry to be a high paying job where you can make a good li... Read >
Author: John Peyton

Is Oil Field Employment Really That Great?

25th March 2009
Oil field employment pays high salaries with many perks and bonuses. This is why it is in high demand by job seekers. Nowadays only the gambling and tobacco industries have such high salaries. Before the dot com bubble burst, only IT paid more than the oi... Read >
Author: Calvin
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