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12th January 2011
Bill of Materials (BoM) Bills of Materials (BOM) are normally accessed according to production or procurement deadlines. The History Management function allows several types of BOM to be managed simultaneously, and can be operated according to the need... Read >
Author: eresourceerp

Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 ERP manufacturing module streamlines manufacturing operations

18th August 2010
As opposed to its original intended design as an accounting software, the Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 have advanced into a dynamic ERP software with robust manufacturing functionalities. With its broad selection of features and functionalities, it has se... Read >
Author: Jonathan

Standard Structural drafting practices, symbols and conventions

03rd February 2010
Structural drafting practices are very similar to that used in engineering drawing. Because of the complexity of structural drawings are generally produced by experienced engineer or expert structural drafter. Sheet Layout: The drawing paper need to ... Read >
Author: Richard Bose

Advantages of structural steel detailing

24th February 2009
Nowadays, steel detailing has become more popular, because steel buildings are widely used not only in commercial and industrial sector but also in building houses. The main reason behind this is that steel buildings offer many advantages and utilities. A... Read >
Author: bim

Great Plains Add Ons, Custom Software: GP AutoApply Cash Receipts

29th July 2008
Dynamics GP AutoApply: This unique GP add-on applies batches of cash receipts to invoices. It helps GP users to automate the Receivables process and have you automatically apply cash receipts or credit memos to the invoices. This process will save... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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