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Phuket Summer Camp as a Fun Learning Experience

05th May 2010
A vacation in Phuket Island is indubitably a wonderful idea to appreciate the white sand beaches and clear waters of Thailand in family. While adults are taking a rest, teen children certainly want more fun activities of their own. A summer camp in a repu... Read >
Author: Michel Gerard

DIY Wooden Boat Considerations for Beginners

24th March 2010
Wooden boat construction today is not just a form of work; it is also a form of recreation for an increasing number of people. Building wooden boats is not that difficult for as long as you follow DIY wooden boat instructions to the letter. The build a... Read >
Author: Karen Winton

Outdoor Family Vacations in California

11th May 2007
Outdoor Family Vacations in California Outdoor family vacations in California are some the most memorable ones you will ever take. California has a lot to offer its guest such as some of the most beautiful and exciting places found anywhere in the wor... Read >
Author: Tim Warren

How digital camcorders work

23rd November 2005
The first camcorder was invented by Jerome Lemelson in 1980. And since that time the first bulky analog video camcorders have evolved into the modern digital camcorder, so small they can fit in the palm of your hand, and so clear they rival even prof... Read >
Author: Richard Gazzo
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