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TeleEye Complete HD Surveillance System

09th May 2011
TeleEye MX Series HD Video Camera product range The MX Series HD Video Cameras are equipped with the latest multi-stream compression technology HD SMAC-M. The cameras are capable of HD live video recording and multi-site viewing by using TeleEye sureSIGH... Read >
Author: Fanny Coling

Carpet Fiber Types: Pros and Cons

09th September 2010
"There are several types of fibers used in manufacturing carpets. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so before installing new carpet in your home it is wise to have an idea what the different types are and how well each might work in your home. He... Read >
Author: Alfred Halfnight

Stone front for the small home

05th June 2009
Stone front houses look beautiful and can add curb appeal and value to your home. The great news is that the newer stone, often known as veneer, is much easier to install and is much cheaper than the traditional full pieces that older houses used. Have yo... Read >
Author: Chris

Keep Your Closet Fresh with Cedar Hangers

18th May 2009
Cedar has been popular for centuries because of its aroma, beauty, and the protection that it provides your clothes. Cedar is a very weather and rot resistant wood. It has many indoor and outdoor applications, but it remains ever popular for closet use. ... Read >
Author: Everything Hangers
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