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How To Find Medical Jobs In Lebanon And Saudi Arabia

12th October 2010
Clinical research associate and physician vacancies are very high in Lebanon recently. Government has decided to standardize health sector for last decade so that you may find many professional openings in this area in Lebanon. Unlike other Asian countrie... Read >
Author: Di3aya

All about Government Funded Drug Rehab Centers

29th August 2009
The problem of drug addiction is not only restricted to a particular country in the world. This problem is global and a lot of countries have taken a number of steps towards the amelioration of this problem. Many countries have given joint statements rega... Read >
Author: Alien

Dubai HealthCare City

12th July 2009
Dubai HealthCare City is unique, because it is a city within a city, where both the pharmaceutical industry and health care are under one roof.The developers and the owners are the Dubai Holding. This project will cost $1.8 billion.The following instituti... Read >
Author: Danny Cheung

Healthcare sector in India

07th May 2009
Sampling Research Pvt. Ltd. had conducted a research study on healthcare in India and the perspectives on Intellectual Property Rights in the Pharmaceutical sector. This study was done by conducting in depth interviews of highly placed people (ministers/ ... Read >
Author: Shikha Suman
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