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How to Choose House Colors

14th May 2009
Choosing exterior house colors is difficult. It often takes years of experience to learn what colors and materials will work together. Most people have never done this before and certainly dooesn't have training or professional experience. And choosing th... Read >
Author: Nazim Nice

Decorating the Interior of your Caravan or Motorhome

23rd January 2009
Is there more thrilling and personal way to travel the countryside than going in style with a caravan or motor-home? You get the excitement of the open road while enjoying all the comforts of home. Some people enjoy a nice hotel room but you have to admit... Read >
Author: Anne Harvester

Instructions for Making A London Shade

27th October 2008
(From the Making Roman Shades series) One of my favorite styles of roman shades is the london shade. The london shade has softness that offers a traditional feel, but can be incorporated into any room and style. London shades are often seen as london sh... Read >
Author: Jenny T.

Color Psychology and Your T-Shirt

12th March 2008
The psychology of color is one that is concerned with the effects of hues on emotions, moods, and performance. Color is pervasive in the world, effective on the impressionable, and helps drive the emotion of man. Color is so profound, that it instantly dr... Read >
Author: T-Shirt Mark
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