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I Want a Certain Guy to Pursue Me But I Don't Know How to Do it! Here Are the Best Ways to Do It

09th August 2010
Men like chasing women. It is almost like a game that they play with themselves to satisfy their egos. It is like the hunters spirit that loves the chase. So if you want a man to really value you, you will have to make him pursue you. Here are a few thing... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

Need A Loan Shark? How Do You Qualify?

03rd August 2010
This article can help you find solutions if you have bad credit and need money quickly. You can enlist the help of a loan shark. You can get a paycheck advance from these types of loan sharks. Read on and find out how. So, you are absolutely broke, hav... Read >
Author: Jessica Marsten

How to Make a Woman Think About You All the Time! 7 Magical Keys Most Men Aren't Even Aware Of

27th May 2010
The best way to get a woman really into you is by making sure that she thinks about you all the time. But this is easier said than done as you are not going to be around at all time to ensure this. So what are the things that you can do that will make a w... Read >
Author: Rahul Talwar

How To Know If A Girl Likes You? 5 Sure Shot Signs To Find Out Whether She Likes You Or Not

19th May 2010
For a lot of men out there it's very easy to start a conversation with a female but it's extremely hard to figure out her interest levels. You see talking to a girl is one thing and really getting her to like you is quite another. Women use several signal... Read >
Author: Pushpa Pal Singh
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