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tinnitus test

10th October 2011
A patient is made to choose a specific group of tones with a scale range of a specific frequency. With this, the audiologist is able to determine if a patient has tinnitus based on the selections made, as choices made are sounds similar to screeches. Pati... Read >
Author: AronHenry

Beyerdynamic DTX 50 SW Trendline In-Ear Headphones Review

21st September 2011
The tiny DTX 50 SW portable headphone system from the headphones specialist beyerdynamic gives you an intensive experience of music like never before. With a capsule impedance of 16 Ohm, the DTX 50 has been optimally adapted to the outputs of mobile ap... Read >
Author: Obadiea

Battery Charger Precaution – Never Leave Your Charger Plugged!

05th November 2008
As part of the convenience of having your mobile phones handy at all times, you also take in responsibility for taking care of your unit- and every other accessory you choose to dress your cellular phone with. If you feel that you only need your mobile as... Read >
Author: mitch
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