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Everything you need to know about industrial flooring, floor screeds and floor repair

19th September 2012
Industrial Floor Screeding Cementitious industrial floor screeds can be applied from as little as 3mm thick, these are used to upgrade existing floors to give a new improved look to your industrial flooring, commercial flooring or domestic flooring sur... Read >
Author: psr Flooring

Nano Technology Enhancement for Epoxy Floor Coatings

07th June 2011
Nano particles used in an epoxy floor coating are small particles less than 0.1 micron. These small particles have not traditionally been used in epoxy coatings but when employed properly can upgrade epoxy coatings physical properties. Eight of these nano... Read >
Author: Cheryl Cole

Concrete Sealers When To Use Them

30th October 2008
Concrete is a man-made construction product made by combining cement (containing lime), sand, gravel, and water. While concrete is one of the most useful materials used today in construction it is vulnerable and should be protected. The main weakness in c... Read >
Author: Debbie

Warehouse Management guide

17th May 2006
Warehouse management is the art of movement and storage of materials throughout the warehouse. Warehouse management monitors the progress of products through the warehouse. It involves the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communica... Read >
Author: Mansi Gupta
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