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Useful tips for psychiatric nurses to improve their communication skills

09th June 2010
One of the most essential tools that will be of use to a psychiatric nurse in handling a patient with mental disorders such as schizophrenia, dementia, depression etc., is therapeutic communication. Without effective communication and cooperation of the... Read >
Author: starfish

Is Laser Tonsillectomy a good idea?

08th June 2010
Laser tonsillectomy is a process that makes use of medical grade CO2 lasers to tackle the fundamental concerns linked to tonsil stones. This process is relatively new and has had optimistic success in the medical community. There are several factors why t... Read >
Author: Negley Fay

Advantages of Laser Tonsillectom?

19th May 2010
Laser tonsillectomy is a process which utilizes medical grade CO2 lasers to tackle the fundamental concerns associated with tonsillitis. This process is comparatively new and has had good results in the medical environment. You will discover several cause... Read >
Author: Garland Holloway

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in South Africa

23rd April 2010
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation always begins with the decision to get help. Drug and alcohol treatment centres in South Africa offer world-class counselling and therapy to addicts. These rehabilitation centres offer many forms of treatment to accommod... Read >
Author: AlterSage
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