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Natures Way Foods

14th February 2011
Natures Way Foods is an award winning British manufacturing company that supplies washed and ready-to-eat bagged salad and prepared fruit to supermarkets and restaurants in the UK. In 2010, the CRF Institute recognised Natures Way Foods as one of "Britain... Read >
Author: gjones1964

Worldwide Food Exports Statistics

06th August 2010
To some countries the export of food is critical to their economy. This article looks at the amount of food different countries export as a percentage of their total exports based on 2005 statistics. The small African nation, Burundi, has the highest ... Read >
Author: amnorge

10 Reasons To Study To Be A Food Technologist

24th March 2010
The food industry is one of the most successful and the fastest growing industry today. There are certainly a lot of promising opportunities in the food industry. While the scope of food industry is so vague, it can be trimmed down to food manufacturing a... Read >
Author: JohnnySmith

Personal Qualities Needed To Be A Hygiene Manager

24th March 2010
Any job position demands certain qualities that are deemed advantageous for the effective delivery of the job. Regardless of the career that you would like to pursue, it is always important to be equipped with values and qualities that employers look for ... Read >
Author: JohnnySmith

Robert Langmead

21st January 2008
Robert Langmead Robert Langmead was born in Chichester, West Sussex in 1968 into a family with a long history of farming and business success. The Langmead family can trace their farming roots back to 1590 in Cornwall, Southwest England. In 1888, Rober... Read >
Author: henrycarless
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