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Ballroom Dancing Music

14th August 2008
Time was when the movements in ballroom dancing were precise and slow and the instruments usually used were cellos and violins. The music these instruments produced was very right for the way ballroom dancing was done then. With the passing of the years, ... Read >
Author: Paul Easton

All about Judging In Ballroom Dancing

25th June 2008
Judging ballroom dancing is difficult business and you need experience to be able to do it well. True, there are a few set parameters on which the couples are rated but in any competition, the relativity factor is very important. Every couple has to also ... Read >
Author: Paul Easton

A Brief History In Dance

22nd August 2006
What is dancing?The art of dance does not have a specific origin. From ancient times dance has been used to express many things. Some ancient cultures used dance in rituals, as part of meditation as well as in celebration and entertainment. What constitut... Read >
Author: Cindy Stewart
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