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cSipSimple: More than a VoIP client for Android

11th March 2011
Looking for a good application to enable your Android also use the SIP Call ? If so, you will be pleased to know that such a program not only exists, but it's even open source. The cSipSimple is a SIP client (Session Initiation Protocol - a signaling p... Read >
Author: Free Voip Solution

SIP phone and SIP trunking

30th March 2010
SIP phone and SIP trunking Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) offers an advantage for small businesses that have moved to VoIP. To understand the advantage, we must first look at the issue of using SIP trunking versus PRI (Primary Rate Interface). In... Read >
Author: TheOfficePhone

Free Online SIP Webphone: VoIP is a Doddle

09th August 2009
With the Free Online public Web-Driven SIP Phone Doddle, VoIP is as easy as accessing a web site. It's a Doddle It lets you use your own VoIP account anywhere in the world via its web based SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)online service to make VoIP... Read >
Author: Doddle WebPhone

SIP 101 - Session Initiation Protocol Explained

27th July 2005
Session Initiation Protocol or SIP refers specifically to a language that various computers can communicate to one another in so that they can complete voice calls. It has become vitally important in recent years as it plays a central role in VoIP or Voic... Read >
Author: Jim Sherman
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