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Fax over IP or SIP trunks

10th August 2011
Across the Internet even a G.711 codec fax transmission is unpredictable. An excellent discussion of why faxing and modems donít work well over VoIP can be found here. However, people often get perfectly good results on lightly loaded LANs. It still isnít... Read >
Author: Drvoip

IP Cameras vs. Analog Cameras Ė Advantages and Disadvantages

07th March 2011
If you are looking to install security cameras in and around your house or business, the first question that comes to your mind is what type of camera you should install. Is an IP network camera the best choice, or should one opt for traditional, tried an... Read >
Author: liza252

What is Online Subnet Calculator ?

13th July 2010
Your safety and the respect of your time are crucial when working the Cyberspace. It is of big importance that you use care to make sure you are getting the most effective use of your time. To make sure your IP network is working correctly , it is helpful... Read >
Author: Eloy Richardson

Introduction to UDP Technology

17th May 2010
So, what is UDP or User Datagram Protocol? UDP is an internet protocol for the transmission of brief messages called datagram. The User Datagram Protocol is only one part of a bigger Internet Protocol suite. UDP is used networks designed for TCP. Nonethel... Read >
Author: PipDawg

How Cat5 KVM Switches Connect Computers?

10th April 2010
Does your work require you to use many computers? You need to read this article. Cat5 KVM is the answer. Get access to multiple servers with one single KVM. It also needs KVM switches. KVM switches can be digital or front-end IP products. To know how they... Read >
Author: Rudy Silva

Things to know about an IP Security Camera

27th October 2009
One of the latest invention in the field of surveillance technology is the IP security cameras or network cameras. These IP cameras are outdoing the analog cameras that were used before in the majority of the surveillance systems. The main reason behind t... Read >
Author: Cahris

Good Advice on Choosing the Right Surveillance Camera - Resolution

29th December 2008
With so many different models of CCTV cameras available in the market today, it is understandable for a consumer to get overwhelmed in choosing the most appropriate camera for their system needs. It does not matter if you are purchasing a camera for a hom... Read >
Author: Mike Haldas
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