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4 Centuries of American Learning by David Barton

29th April 2010
America is now entering its fifth century of training students. For every generation throughout the 17th, eighteenth, 19th, and 20th centuries, providing and getting a good education has been a major stress ; it was that way when the first colonists arri... Read >
Author: Andrew Collins

Rugby Equipment – Balls through the Ages

10th March 2009
The game of rugby has been played for many years. Initially the rugby equipment and rules were not set, and tended to differ between one game and the next. It wasn't until 1845 until the first set of written rules are said to have been published, by three... Read >
Author: NeenaFreeman

The History Behind Musicals

14th August 2008
A musical can be in the form of a theatrical production or a movie, either of which uses songs and dancing as a means to tell the story. There are many types of musical theater, such as comedy drama, dramas, and others. They use music to tell their st... Read >

The History of Formula Milk

12th August 2006
Despite recent detractors, there can be no doubt that baby milk formula has saved countless lives over the years. The first successful milk formula was produced in the 1860s by Henri Nestle, in Switzerland. It was based on cows' milk and cereals and was t... Read >
Author: Robin OBrien
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