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A Guide to the Most Common Types of Fiber Optic Connectors

08th June 2012
Unlike Category-5 network cables, which have a standardized connector setup, fiber optic cables can employ any number of connector schemes in order to make connections with patch panels, switch boxes, and the various network implements that comprise a dat... Read >
Author: Jeff McRitchie

Fiber Optic Cable And Its Uses

31st May 2011
For high-speed data transmission, the use of fiber optic cabling is becoming very popular. There are many industries, such as medicine, defense, data transmission, telecommunications, networking and broadcasting, that are making use of this advanced techn... Read >
Author: Search Angel

How an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Works

03rd March 2009
An optical time domain reflectometer or OTDR for short is a high tech tool used in the fiberoptic industry. An optical time domain reflectometer measures the time and intensity of light which is reflected through a fiber optic cable. OTDRs can find faults... Read >
Author: Mark Hendricks

6 Things You Must Know about Fiber Optic Cable Materials

21st May 2008
:: Environment requirement on outdoor fiber optic cables Outdoor fiber cables must endure harsh environment factors such as UV radiation from sunlight, storms, snows and 80 mph wind, so outdoor cables must be strong, weatherproof and UV resistant. The ... Read >
Author: Colin Yao

FAQ on Fiber Optic Cable Handling and Installation

20th May 2008
:: 1. What is the difference between copper cable and fiber optic cable? Even though fiber optic cables may look like traditional copper cables, we should always keep in mind that inside fiber cables are fragile glass fibers which can be broken easily ... Read >
Author: Colin Yao
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