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Bridge rectifier for diode-rectified alternating current generator

23rd March 2011
Bridge rectifier is used to rectify current output from alternative current sources, such as an alternating current generator. Bridge rectifiers for motor vehicle alternators are well known in the art and generally include two metal parts used as heat sin... Read >
Author: qiaorui

Cast convoluted piping flange

02nd November 2010
A convoluted flange ring for a flange coupler in a piping system the flange ring having an annular bolting disk with an outer rim and an inner rim forming a U-shaped cross section, with the bolting disk having a transitional thickness for improved stress ... Read >
Author: Isabella

Punching and metal stamping tool

27th October 2010
The punching and metal stamping tool comprises a driving mechanism which moves an upper tool section, having a die, towards a lower tool section, having a punch, to punch at least a pair of angled hooking cuts into two metal bands, such as the overlapping... Read >
Author: Rebecca

Dual gearbox electric submersible pump

22nd September 2010
Electric submersible pump assembly for producing a fluid from a production zone to the surface and operated independently by one or more electric submersible motors using a dual or multiple gearbox. The electric submersible pump assembly including an in... Read >
Author: Isabella

Eccentric Radial Piston Pump and Radial Piston Motor

07th September 2010
In an eccentric radial piston pump, a rib 12 protruded in a radial direction is formed on an inner peripheral surface of an end portion on a discharge side of an eccentric cam ring 3 over a prescribed range. In an eccentric radial piston motor, a rib 12 p... Read >
Author: Isabella

Art - The Importance Of The Italian Renaissance

10th September 2009
An extremely important time in art was during the renaissance. In particular the Italian renaissance which was the start of the entire period brought a change in culture, poetry, music and art. This time period was a time of rebirth in which old beliefs a... Read >
Author: A.Deakin
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