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What to do when Outlook Express 6.0 crashes repeatedly in Windows XP Home Edition

17th September 2010
Outlook Express is a smart email client application from Microsoft that is embedded with Internet Explorer from 4.0 to 6.0 versions. It enables in emailing, creating calendar entries, fixing appointments, etc. All the Outlook Express information is stored... Read >
Author: Mohit Mathur

What Causes Hard Recovery Failure in Exchange Server?

30th June 2010
In Microsoft Exchange Server, you must replay the log file after restoring your EDB (Exchange Server database) from an online backup. This process is known as Hard Recovery. It helps you to recover your Exchange Server database in case of database corrupt... Read >
Author: Axel Culver

How to Repair inconsistent EDB database in MS Exchange Server 2000

22nd June 2010
Are you facing problems in mounting the Exchange Server? Or are you unable to access the Exchange Server? If yes, then there are chances that the Exchange Server database has gone corrupt thereby leading to such an inconsistent state. Such abnormal behavi... Read >
Author: Axel Culver

Rectifying 'NTDS ISAM 467' Error in MySQL

15th April 2010
Are you getting error 'NTDS ISAM 467 database corruption' error while accessing MySQL database tables? This problem generally occurs with Windows 2003 Server domain controllers. It indicates MySQL database corruption and renders all your valuable data ina... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

Fixing “Service-specific error 0 (0x0)” Error Message

18th March 2010
Sometimes, when a user attempts to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server, s/he is unable to do so. This may occur due to numerous reasons, like network problems, synchronization issues, and mailbox corruption. In such cases, since a user is unable to conne... Read >
Author: Repair Outlook PSt

Frame Relay End-To-End Keepalives

21st January 2010
One of the first things you learned about Frame is that the LMI also serves as a keepalive, or a heartbeat - and if three consecutive LMIs are missed, the line protocol goes down. There's a limitation to LMI as a keepalive, though. The LMI is exchanged on... Read >
Author: Galen Bass

Resolving “The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable” in Windows

07th January 2010
Every file on the NTFS (New Technology File System) volume is presented in a particular file, known as MFT (Master File Table). This is the most significant system file, which defines the NTFS file system volume. In fact it is a relational database that c... Read >
Author: Dushyant Singh

File System Structure Corruption Leads to Partition Loss in Windows 2003

22nd December 2009
The file system structure of Windows operating system is the most basic level of data organization. The way of interaction of Windows operating system with applications, security model, and users is depends on the way file system stores data on the drive.... Read >
Author: mnkstllr

Event 217 and 478 while Backing up Exchange Database

18th November 2009
Exchange Server storage groups and databases are the most vital component of recovery when the server crashes. You might observe typical symptoms with a corrupted Exchange database. For instance, you may fail to backup it. When it occurs, the correspondin... Read >
Author: Axel Culver

Transaction Log File Integrity Check Failure May Cause EDB Corruption

01st October 2009
In an EDB (Exchange Server Database) file, the transaction log is s history of activities, executed by the Exchange Server to guarantee the ACID properties over hardware failure or system crash. There are mainly helpful in aces of improper system shutdown... Read >
Author: Esher

Event ID 454 Indicates EDB Corruption and Require Exchange Recovery

18th August 2009
Creating backup is most excellent way to prevent data loss and in Exchange Server, you can easily backup entire database to either an online or offline storage media. When a database corruption like situation occurs, you can easily restore database from b... Read >
Author: Esher

Exchange Database Corruption and Torn Writes

21st April 2009
Exchange Server maintains databases for data and log files for holding transactions. Each database contains .edb and .stm as two of its files, while the most important is .edb that contains mailboxes. If Exchange Server database gets corrupted, EDB Repa... Read >
Author: Esher

Error -1216 in Exchange Server and EDB Recovery

06th January 2009
"Error -1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch)"It is the most common Jet error in Microsoft Exchange Server. Error -1216 shows that the Exchange Server has determined that the files in Exchange Server database's running set are lost or they have been rein... Read >
Author: spears
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