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Some Thoughts on Emotional Communication in Aspergerís Syndrome

17th March 2011
There is a common misconception that individuals with Aspergerís syndrome (AS) are incapable of showing or feeling emotion. A.J. Mahari, an author and woman with AS, elaborates on this misconception by explaining that the problem is not feeling emotion, b... Read >
Author: CARD

Funny Retirement Quotes

20th January 2011
Retirement is the time when a person stops his or her employment completely. It is indeed an emotion-filled time in oneís life when the person takes permanent break from work and starts the retired life. Numerous funny retirement quotes have been given by... Read >
Author: Elsa Thomas

Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf audiobook for your pleasure

29th September 2009
Adolf Hitler was lone of the generally valuable person in the planet history. He was the ruler of Germany pro 13 years from 1933 to 1945. Known in the history pro his totalitarian and fascist dictatorship, Hitler claims with the intention of Jews were ene... Read >
Author: Jose-Miguel

Five Types of Data That Should be Backed Up Regularly

25th January 2008
The lack of durability of many data storage devices is a scenario which necessitates that each and every data entered into the personal computer (PC) should be protected, but paucity of time makes such a task arduous. In these circumstances, it is of ... Read >
Author: James Walsh

The Personal Statement: Definition and Guidelines

19th January 2006
A personal statement is somewhat of an autobiography. It can either be used to describe aspects of your self and life or to explain your feelings or thoughts on a particular topic. Regardless, it should essentially be about you or some aspect of you. ... Read >
Author: Tamara Kliw
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