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Engaging and Educating IPhone Games for Toddlers

01st August 2012
They are tender like wet cement. And you as a parent can make any impression at this stage. The toddlers, by nature, like to play games and indulge in activities that keep them fascinated. Why not use this character to make them educated, alert and well m... Read >
Author: iphoneappdevelopers

3rd Grade Math Games Help Kids Master Necessary Skills

22nd February 2012
By the time kids reach 3rd grade, math has moved on from simple addition and subtraction to more difficult multiplication and division concepts that require a solid grasp of basic math facts and skills. Without this foundation, itís hard for kids to make ... Read >
Author: Jim Wheelin

BCA from Karnataka State Open University

28th October 2011
Bachelor of Computer Applications Knowledge of Computers is the need of these times. Modern technology is in use everywhere. Internet based facilities are promoting new businesses every day. Openings in the field of Computers lure students to take up ... Read >
Author: edudivya

Excel Basic Maths - Multiplication and Division

23rd June 2010
This is a tutorial about excel formulas multiply and divide. They are just two basic math formulas, nothing special. Before you start learning formulas, there are some basic rules that you will need to know. Formulas in excel always begin with the = sign... Read >
Author: jamjar919
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