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Top things to do in Guangzhou after dark

19th July 2010
However long you are visiting and wherever your hotel, Guangzhou is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that comes alive at night. There are endless things to do after dark and night owls can take their pick of activities from cheap pool halls and bowling alleys... Read >
Author: Lek Boonlert

Different Kinds of Bowling Pins

29th March 2010
Bowling pins are necessary for the game of bowling as they are the objects that are to be aimed at, hit, and knocked down - the target. The bowling ball knocks down pins to produce the score. The scoring may vary depending on whether the person is playing... Read >
Author: Peter Slater

Top 7 Reasons To Visit Moscow, Russia

06th October 2009
Moscow is the largest city in Europe and is the seventh largest city in the world. Moscow is a top European political, cultural, and financial hub of Russia and the world. Selecting seven reasons to visit Moscow is easy. In fact, it would be no problem to... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

Where to Find Cruise Ship Job Vacancies

21st January 2009
For the best chance of finding cruise ship vacancies it's worth following a specific plan of action. Trawling the top websites searching for jobs unfortunately isn't enough. In this industry, a much more pro-active approach is required. Usually when... Read >
Author: Neil Maxwell Keys
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