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Natural removal tips for Wart

22nd February 2008
Wart is a firm abnormal elevated blemish on the skin and is caused by a virus. Tumor of the skin caused by infection with the human papilloma virus. Firm, flesh colored, dome-shaped, scaly papules or nodules usually appear on the hands and fingers. Warts ... Read >
Author: Rachel Broune

How Vegetable Juicing Helps With Acute Pancreatitis

08th June 2007
An effective way to incorporate more vegetables into a diet is through juicing. Pancreatitis is effectively treated and improved by a diet rich in plant-based foods. Pancreatitis is a term that refers to the inflammation of the pancreas. The panc... Read >
Author: Alien

Liver Disease in Dogs

09th May 2007
Liver disease in dogs is one of the major causes of death for dogs in the United States. The liver removes waste from the dog's body, detoxifies the blood, and produces bile . Left unchecked, liver damage which impairs the functioning of liver cells can l... Read >
Author: gpoint

Arnica is used for injury or trauma, Autoimmune disorders, Bruise, Aging skin

31st December 2005
Arnica Benefits of Arnica Homeopathic anti-inflammatory For traumatic injury, bruises, muscles Reduce pain & bleeding after surgery Relieve irritations from trauma, arthritis Action & Uses In countries where Arnica is indigenous, it has long been... Read >
Author: Naeem Rajani
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