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Automobile Prices for Different Car Segments

27th November 2008
With the boom in the automobile industry in India, many world-class car manufacturers, producing cars in different sizes and different price range have established their production and operation centers in the country. Indigenous car manufacturing compani... Read >
Author: Divya

Hardwired FM Modulator

17th March 2008
As the name suggests a hardwired FM Modulator is similar to an FM Modulator, but it is not wireless, it is directly connects between an XM Radio receiver and your cars antenna, which also can be connected to an XM Radio antenna. The device is usually inst... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

How Often Do I Need To Change My Oil Filter?

24th July 2007
Car makers worry about their reputation. Well at least some of them do. But they also care about beating the competition by advertising for low maintenance cost. Those car manufacturers calculate the estimated annual maintenance cost based on changing the... Read >
Author: kmustaffa
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